The Little Things [March 2024]

A black and white image of a small white trinket dish with "Enjoy the little things" written on it.

Hi there,

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

I have been slowly recovering from my first round of COVID, that then triggered a flare up of my back issues. I’m feeling a lot better now, with just a lingering cough and fatigue remaining.

Despite feeling like rubbish this past month (or maybe because I’ve been feeling like rubbish), I’ve especially cherished the many good things that have been happening.

For example…

🌈 After finally testing negative to COVID, being able to enjoy walks again, admiring the lovely landscapes and skies of my local area. 

An photo Naomi has taken on their walk of bushland, cloudy skies and a double rainbow.

🚲 Having the energy to return to regular bike rides to the library, markets, appointments and parks with puppy upfront and 10-year old kiddo up back.
A photo Naomi has taken of their black puppy sitting in a basket on the front of a bike with his head turned away from the camera.

🧑‍🎓 Getting my certificate in the mail after finally graduating from Curtin University with a Master of Human Rights. 

An image of Naomi's graduation certificate

📚 Having enough brain power to start reading again! In fact, I’ve read some brilliant books recently that I plan to write about on the blog in the coming weeks. I’ve published this post on Beastlands (pictured) already - it brought us so much joy and might bring any kiddos in your life joy too! 

An image of Naomi's ipad being held over a bed with "Beastlands" on the cover.

🥰 Although I don’t have a picture for this final good thing, of course one of the biggest highlights since testing negative again, has been finally being able to catch up with dear friends again! 

I would love if you would reply via the comments below, and let me know about the little (or big) things that have been bringing you joy lately too! 🤩

[Banner image by Shifa Sarguru on Unsplash]


xo, Nai