Recommended Resources


On this page, I share resources, services, and businesses that I have worked with and recommend. Please note that those with the * next to them mean I have since become an affiliate and may earn a commission if you sign up with them using my link or code.

Calendar / Productivity / Task Management

  • After testing numerous calendar booking and productivity tools, I ended up signing up for Reclaim*. I love that: I can make my healthy habits a priority; that it syncs with my Google calendar; and that the AI tool suggests when I should schedule working on particular tasks around my meetings. When I get stressed out about how much it has scheduled for me, or my inner rebel wants to just ignore the plan, I simply tell myself Reclaim has made "suggestions" and I can always move things around if I wish.
  • I have been using and loving the free version of the project management tool Trello for years. But I recently started working with Asana because it can integrate with Reclaim. I believe they are working on a Trello integration but for now the combination of Asana and Reclaim are working well for me.


  • I have had fancy websites using both Wordpress (with the Divi theme) and Squarespace in the past - and would highly recommend both options depending on your needs and circumstances. Due to a change of life circumstances recently, however, I decided to explore reducing all of my business expenses and opted to have a free Blogger site, with a template from Saroya, and a custom domain instead. I know this won't suit a lot of people, but it feels right for me at the moment!


  • I highly recommend subscribing to She Bold Stock for the most beautiful images. I was a member for several years and it felt like my birthday every time a new batch of photos arrived. They were always stunning!

Coach Training

  • I underwent my coach training through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Check them out! If you do decide to enrol, please consider putting my name NAOMI ARNOLD in the CODE section of the enrolment form, which will earn me a commission once the refund period has lapsed for the course. Once my commission has been processed, as a thank you, I'd love to then meet with you on Zoom for a 1:1 session where you can ask me any questions about my experience as a coach and business owner.

Business Coaching

  • My business coach for the past several years has been Lena West and she is the best of the best. I highly recommend checking out her CEO Rising.

Business Systems & Cloud Integration Solutions

  • Integration Kings is a business systems consultancy providing cloud integration solutions. It is owned by two of my favourite people in the world who I've known since I was a teen! Head over to their website to learn more about what they do.

Youth Mentor Training & Online Academy

  • My dear friend Amanda Rootsey runs a fabulous Youth Mentor Training* at Shine From Within, as well as an Online Academy* for teens. I've been in a private mastermind with Amanda for several years and have co-facilitate the Gentle Business Mastermind with her - so have been lucky to not only see in her programs but to know how much of a brilliant human she is. 

Creative Community

Personal & Professional Development

  • I love everything that Staci Jordan Shelton does - in fact. I've signed up for nearly all her offerings at some point. From business through to personal (and the overlap between these two things), her programs have made a big difference to my life. Check them out!
  • Looking for an Astrologer? Check out the offerings of my previous business partner, Cameron Airen.
  • I have done a number of Desiree Adaway's social justice programs over the years and can't recommend them enough. Check out Desiree's website here.

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Autism Assessment & Support

  • Dr Andrew Grant at Your Calmer Mind did my assessment via telehealth and it was a really positive experience.
  • Anna Pink at the Autistic Psychologist did Cloud's child Autism / ADHD assessment via telehealth and we sing her praises. 
  • I am receiving peer mentoring from Kory at AutieTalk at the moment and she is INCREDIBLE.

Gender Diverse Kids

  • Cloud's favourite time of the week is Rainbow Club with Mx Erika, a weekly Zoom call with queer, transgender, non-binary, gender-expansive and LGBTQ+ tweens and teens. 


  • I recently switched over to ubank for banking. If you check them out and decide to join, I invite you to enter the code HYABXGD when you sign up. Once you do so, and when you make 3 purchases on your new card within 30 days, we'll each get $10 in our account!


  • I use the ethical superannuation option Future Super. (Please note I'm not a financial advisor.)
I invite you to check this page regularly as I will update it as I have new products, resources and services to recommend! I hope you find it helpful.
xo, Nai