The Every Body Book [Book Review]


One of the perks of homeschooling is you get to choose what books and resources you use to educate your child. As the mother of a non-binary, Autistic and ADHD child, this allows me to choose resources (or in many cases adapt resources) that will help them feel included and seen during our lessons.

I discovered The Every Body Book many moons ago when searching for a text that was inclusive of LGBTQIA+ kids and families. With my young one approaching their tween years, we revisited The Every Body Book this month as part of their schooling.

We were reminded of how wonderful it is as a starting point and conversation starter for educating on the topics of sex, gender and families in an informative and inclusive way. There are parts where I would have defined some of the terms used differently or would have expanded further to provide more context - but the text gave us the opportunity to have these conversations where either of us felt the need arose.

For those looking for a book to support 'the talk' with their kids in way that uses inclusive language, The Every Body Book will likely be an excellent introductory text for you to get your hands on.


xo, Nai