[BOOK] You Will Find Your Way


I am excited to share that my poetry book - You Will Find Your Way: Poetry & Musings - is now available for purchase as an e-Book or paperback on Amazon. If you order a copy on Amazon, I invite you to please take the time to leave a review. This will help tell the Amazon algorithm to share the book more widely with other potential readers.

In the coming weeks, the book will also become available on the following platforms through IngramSparks. You could ask your local library to order a copy through their favourite platform so you and other readers can access the book for free!

This collection of writing is for those who have survived the arc of a toxic relationship, the sting of an incomprehensible betrayal, or the loss of hope in humanity. May you trust yourself and your experience. May you heal. May you move forward. May you live a life free of the grasp of those people who have harmed you. Here's to a future where you are free to be you.

I also hope to have the book available as an audio book in the future. But for now, am going to celebrate this milestone - it’s out in the world!

I hope it brings some comfort to those who have experienced similar thoughts and feelings, to know that they are not alone, and will find their way.


xo, Nai