Waiting Room [POEM]

Trigger Warning & Note:

I wrote the below poem after an awful past week in an ICU waiting room. When I left, after saying goodbye to a friend, I thought about my time in that room with those who loved him, other families who sat nearby awaiting news of their own, and the endless cycle of waiting and grief that happens within those walls. This poem came as a result.


Waiting all day,

Plastic chairs,

White walls,

Heart in dismay.

Staring at shoes,

Mind racing,

Lingering dread,

Awaiting news.

Compassionate tones,

Stern faces,

Tears flowing,

Sadness moans.

You leave in a daze,

The heaviness remains,

A new family tomorrow,

Where the waiting replays.

[Banner image by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash]


xo, Nai