The Little Things [April 2024]

Hi there,

Last month (March 2024), I wrote about the little things that were bringing me joy, and encouraged you to respond and let me know what little things you were loving right now too.

Here is the April 2024 edition...

🌳 Discovering new nature walks in my local area and getting out and exploring them with loved ones. 

✍🏼 Being inspired to write short poems and musings like You Inspire Me and Unusual is Beautiful whilst out walking. 

🎵 Reminiscing with my friends Paula and Robert whilst listening to 90s rock at the Lookout Festival. Throwing Copper by LIVE was my favourite album in my teens, so I was excited to see them live.

📚 Being able to customise my young one's school curriculum to align with our values and needs, taking time for example to learn about and participate in Flood The Post and revisit The Every Body Book this month. 

🍪 Building on our new evening ritual with my young one, where we read a chapter or two of a story, having now added a big cookie jar and eating a couple of cookies to our ritual, inspired by our current read Greenwild where the main characters eat cookies while reading together.

I would love if you would reply via the comments below, and let me know about the little (or big) things that have been bringing you joy lately too! 🤩

[Banner image by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash]


xo, Nai